Michigan Kathy

Hello readers!! At this point I am assuming that most of you are Angie’s athletes my Sorority sisters and a few random people who somehow happened along this page and to all of you I say…. bring friends!!!! Let me introduce myself… I am Kathy, my fitness journey began right around the third grade when my gym class had to run the mile for the first time. Growing up i knew my dad was a big runner in high school, some of my favorite toys were his trophies. He held the record for the mile at his high school for about 16 years (that number might not be accurate but close enough). And of course I wanted to be just like my dad, so in the third grade I challenged myself to beat my high school mile record so I could be just like my dad (I didn’t) then my college 1600 record (didn’t even come close). However I did manage to make MVP of my high school team my senior year.

(Dad and I holding our MVP trophies)

I ran high school track and cross-country with Angie (the other lovely lady in this collaboration) I struggled with proper nutrition and the mental aspect of training all 4 years. Although I had known Angie through cross and track we really connected and became friends my junior year. We were FIERCE training partners, we mostly ran the same times and competed constantly for the 1 and 2 spot on our team. Somehow our competition with each other just made us better friends 🙂

(Photo of me running an indoor track meet)

I attended a small liberal arts college where I was recruited to run cross country and track. I was so excited to become a college athlete! however I struggled to find a connection with the new girls on my team like I had with Angie. The supportive coaching style I was used to ended with the beginning of my college career. My new coach was much more intense and negative, that approach just didn’t work for me. Thankfully Angie and I were able to run a handful of races together as rivals and of course those races where my best.

(Angie and I with another friend and amazing athlete)

I experienced my first panic attack during a tempo workout with my team.  I was in the best physical shape of my life, but I could no longer handle the pressure and hours that was expected from me. With a heavy heart and tears running down my face I quit the team. Although I tried to join the team multiple times after that I was never able to stay for an entire season. I felt like my love of fitness and running was burnt out of me from over exhaustion and negativity.

I took a few years off of serious running and fitness, I just needed a break, easy runs whenever I felt like it, and quick workouts at the gym became my norm. Fitness finally came back into my life around 2013 and I ran my first half marathon. In the beginning of 2016 I ran the Walt Disney Marathon! And in the spring I was sponsored to run the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. None of my times were that impressive but it felt great to hit those mileage goals, and check those races off my bucket list. If you have never ran a marathon do it! The accomplishment you feel crossing that finish line is amazing! And be sure to take photos! I am really sad I don’t have any marathon finish line photos. Just a lame bib photo for all that hard work.

(Marathon bib.. Boo lame photo)                           (Tinkerbell Half Marathon finish line)
Currently I am a certified spin instructor, I teach a class Grand Rapids once a week I am also working on getting my personal trainer certification with ACE. I have recently fallen in love with lifting, and am trying to figure out this healthy nutrition thing. I can’t wait to share my journey to becoming a full-time fitness professional with you! Fingers crossed that saying that out loud with make that actually come true!!!

What are my fitness goals for 2017? Run a qualifying time for the Boston marathon and maybe even compete in an NPC or IFBB fitness competition.

My goals for this blog? Keep myself accountable and inspire others to make a positive change in their life, whatever that may be. I am also excited to be pairing up with Angie on this project. We have been talking about doing something like this for years.  With her moving across the country it’s been a great way for us to keep in contact, and stay close, while pursuing our dreams.

(Lake Michigan with Angie!)