2 strong women, 2 states, 1 shared vision

It’s here! K.A. Fitness Today launched with the beginning of 2017! We are both thrilled to start sharing with you a little piece of our lives and hope to be inspiring others. Kathy and I have known each other now for 15 years, became close friends for 10 years, and now are very excited to work together creating this blog.

For years we have discussed our love for fitness with one another, but as we have gotten older we have started seeing life in a more holistic view. We want to empower other strong, kind, wonderful, capable, intelligent, and independent people to take their lives into their own hands. Life can be messy! We both understand that! Making the choice to put yourself first means that you are looking out for your mind, your body, and your soul. Putting yourself first sounds very easy but is not always easy to implement. We believe having a network of like minded people is what makes an individual successful. Cheers to embracing the positive, fueling your body with food that is good for you, moving that body, celebrating victories, and recognizing there will be hurdles in the way. The good news is that we are strong enough to jump over them.


K&A Fitness Today

Find out more about Angela here who will be posting every Monday.
Find out more about Kathy here who will be posting every Friday.


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  1. Misty love says:

    Congratulations! 🙂 super excited for this project! This is going to be a great journey. Can’t wait to be apart the fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Misty! We so excited to be starting this fun adventure! Can’t wait to have a yoga spot light 😉


  2. Karla says:

    Congratulations on the beginning of a new adventure, I hope it’s a great one!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karla Bronicki says:

    Somehow my comment didn’t take, so I’m trying again. Congratulations, I hope all goes well! It looks great!


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