2018: It’s Going to be Great

PicsArt_12-30-04.42.45.jpgA time for renewing yourself, calendar turning, toasting alcoholic (or non)beverages, a burst of motivation to be better in life, to put a side guilt of the holidays, and new year resolutions. Or for some it is just another day on the calendar, not really a big deal and nothing special. No matter what side you are on it’s going to be a new year in just a few hours now. I will admit I am not usually a new year’s resolution kind of girl, but this year seems to be a little different for me.  First, I have tended to make my yearly goals around my birthday the last few years. It seems more personal, it is my time to reflect and create the vision of the year ahead rather than knowing everyone and their brother will be celebrating this renewal of time. I have liked taking the day before my birthday to sit reflect and make some goals for the coming year of my life. This year however, between a lot of new that was happening in my life and just a sense of being unsettled it did not really happen.

So 2018, I am your New Year Resolution Queen! Whether you make goals during this time of the year, around your birthday, or whenever your motivation is feeling like an all time high it is important to always be trying to improve, change, and grow into the best version of your awesome self.  As a goal setting student myself I have learned a few things along the way and of coarse I want to share just in case you want to be making some resolutions like a beast as well.

Here are my top 3 tips:

  1. Daily practice = BIG results. Instead of focusing on the BIG picture all the time think about the daily practices that will help you reach those goals. If you make your goal centered around the daily goal it will be easier not to get discouraged. We are all bound to slip-up once in awhile. There is always tomorrow to start a new and know the big results are still in reach.
  2. Find a check-in buddy! You know that little voice in your head that tells it will be okay if you take a second helping or decide not to go on a walk or run that day? Everyone has that voice that would rather be catching-up on “This is Us,” than getting a workout in that day.  I have been there many a day. What helps me the most are the two friends that I check-in with daily. I know that they will be sending me either a workout they did or a run they completed that day, it’s up to me to send something legit back.
  3. Make it visual. You know what is easy to forget? Things you do not see day in and day out. If your goals are not visually in one form or another they will be forgotten as soon as your motivation fades. I love making vision boards for myself. I make a collection of motivating pictures, quotes, and my goal written on it and print it off. I also have used whiteboards or mirrors to write my goals on so that I see it ever day!

Cheers to 2018 folks! Cheers to laughing more, drinking more water, dancing off stress, moving more, eating like you love yourself, waking-up earlier, sleeping a few minutes more, taking on adventures, talking less and listening more, being curious, asking questions, reading empowering books, listening to motivational talks, talking/seeing more of your friends and family, feeling deeper, open your heart to love, say yes more often but know when to say no, experience new things, revisit the things you love, be playful, and experience the life you want to led.

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