A little difference is still a difference

I went from living in a village of 1,259 people and a state with population of 9.9 million to living in a city of 316,619 people and a region with the population of 22.7 million… the state population is 38.8 million. From country road driving to free way driving. From running into people that know my last name based on my voice to just running into people. This year has been a humbling, insightful, and challenging.

It’s very easy to start feeling insignificant when you start feeling lost in the crowd.  Even if you live in a place with a small population it is so easy to start feeling this way. We are so connected now! We see the people we graduated with and their daily lives on Facebook, thousands of people chasing their goals and dreams on Instragram, and so on and so on. Watch out, I am going to go country one you now. It really started reminding me of the song “The World,” by Brad Paisley with the line “You think you’re one of millions but you’re one in a million to me.” I believe this is one of the puzzle pieces to achieving happiness within yourself. You are making a difference. You are changing someone’s world. You are one in a million and don’t forget that.

A few posts ago, I explained why I “tree” in many of the places I travel to. I thank my strong family roots for giving me the courage to travel, explore, be, and take leaps. I know that my family will always catch me when or if I fall. So I can stand tall in the places that might make me feel a little uneasy or are just very new. When I told a group 20092of girls I traveled with this spring about why I like to do my traveling tree they loved the concept behind it. Rather than just helping me take pictures of the trip with my traveling tree they joined me and now as I hope you see in the featured picture it has not stopped. This was from the play I went to go see them this weekend.  Something that has great meaning to me as spread to six amazing young women. This is something I did not anticipate but it warms my heart knowing that I changed their idea of the world…maybe it’s a small difference but it is still a difference. 

The little differences that we make in others lives are significant.  You might not even know when you are making a difference for someone so let this be a reminder. Act, be, and love like it is your purpose because you don’t know whose life you are changing in this very moment. 



P.S. On a best friend note. I was one the phone with a friend I have had since 7th grade. She had taken a yoga class with me for the first time when I visited back home this March and she now has purchased a yoga mat, she practices yoga with her son now, and
requested the playlist a yoga instructor had made for me. This made me so incredible happy to feel a part of spreading the love of yoga and inner peace.  Love you Candace!


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