Hop on the bike and ride… life is a balancing act, it’s best to keep moving

Grading geography quizzes, preparing for state testing, meal-prepping making sure I will make those healthy choices, checking-in with friends and family, balancebikelesson plans, working on the California educator’s induction program, trying to get a workout in, and oh yea watching out for my mental health. YIKES! Don’t we all have busy lives?  If you are a student, a teacher, a mom, a yoga instructor, a nurse, a professor, an administration assistant, it doesn’t matter we all have lives and we have found a way to fill those lives to the brim… or life did?

This is a reminder to myself and to you! Life is a balancing act. As much as we want to put our whole selves into something like a new workout program, schooling, our family, or a new hobby, we have to find balance.

With the end of the school year approaching I have to find ways to get my school work in, my workout in, and time for myself. As silly as it may sound I know that I need to schedule time for myself. Otherwise, my needs might be the thing that gets left behind. Throughout the last few years I have learned that leaving work and getting a run in or yoga in is often the best thing for me. Instead of pounding through more work after a long day I find myself getting burnt out quickly, but letting myself have that physical and mental break that is what helps be keep the stamina to continue.  So I challenge you and myself to take 30 minutes today and do something 100% just for you and your mental health.


Michigan raised, California living


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