Traveling… alone!!

Its been such and inspirational last two weeks! I just cant stop talking about how fantastic my vacation was!! After spending 5 days with Angie at her home in California I ventured out by myself for another 4 days. I booked myself a nice hotel close to Newport beach and fashion island.

I was a little hesitant on staying by myself in an area that I was unfamiliar with. So I decided to spend a little extra money to stay in a hotel verses and air B&B so I could feel as safe as possible. Made sure Angie knew where I was and checked in with her. Safety first ladies!!!

Being by myself I was able to get up whenever I felt like it and go to bed whenever I felt like it. I still got my workouts in without a problem (I made sure my hotel had a gym before hand) I spent quite a bit of time reading by the pool and it was amazing! I tried to do a little meal prep but my fridge ended up freezing my food and I didn’t have a microwave in the room. So I made a few not so healthy choices so next time ill just plan raw meals. boy is it pricey to eat out in California!

I attended my first Soul Cycle class and it was so inspiring! The room was so full of positive energy! Learned a few things to add to my weekly spin classes so get ready for some new moves people! I am always looking for ways to inspire my clients and add variety to my classes. Nobody wants the same thing every week. Best way to learn is by doing!

I spent a day on Newport beach and balboa island. What a beautiful little town! Unfortunately it was a bit chilly to spend much time in the ocean but so humbling to stand on the pier and just watch the waves come in.  On my last day I rented a car so I could go explore Laguna beach! I really wish I had more time there. Absolutely beautiful coast line!!! I defiantly want to go back to that area and do some hiking and maybe take a surf lesson 🙂

I highly recommend treating yourself to a little vacation every once in a while. I felt so independent and proud that I was confident enough to do this by myself. Why should I always wait for someone to adventure with me? I am strong and totally capable of doing this alone! A vacation seem a little much? Just take yourself on a lunch date to your favorite restaurant or check out some place new with a good book.  I promise you’ll enjoy it! So try it!

Now its back to reality….. Just finished a 12 hour shift at work and have two more before I am back at my regular gym. I am really looking forward to a killer workout Monday morning and seeing all my regular Monday clients.

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