The perfect vacation! 

Tuesday afternoon Angie and I arrived in California. She’s finishing out her spring break and I’m treating myself to an escape from the gloomy Michigan weather. Seeing Angie’s new home has put a new perspective to our weekly phone dates. Now I am able to picture her home, and am able to picture her commute to work on these crazy highway systems! Driving here is so stressful but the drive has the most beautiful scenery! The corn fields I am used to are nowhere to be seen!

Angie and I seem to always be on the same page. We are ideal vacation buddies! We love exploring new places and staying as active as possible. We are only 4 days into our trip and we have already hiked/walked 30.8 miles together, we also spent a few hours lifting at the gym. 

We took some time to meal prep for the week and have stuck with our healthy eating goals. It is so much easier to eat the way I want to (clean and healthy) when I am surrounded by others who want the same thing. We went out to eat after our trip to the zoo yesterday. Had lunch at an amazing restaurant that focuses on real sustainable food that won’t cause inflammation within the body. I just don’t understand why that’s not the standard for food in the first place! It was so good!!!! 

This is the kind of life I want! I want to explore, Learn and be active for the rest of my life! Angie and I have spent a lot of time talking about this blog, Specifically what we want to do to improve it, making it a useful and positive source for all our readers. We would ideally be able to make a living inspiring and educating others to live a healthy fit life.

These few days with Angie have made me so happy and lit a fire inside me! I am feeling determined and ready to get some work done! Ready to focus on building this business into something I am proud of! Ready to inspire you to make the most out of your life too!

We spent a couple hours rearranging this site and adding photos to make it look more professional (feel free to complement us). We want you, the reader, to get as much out of this site as possible.

I have a few more days out here and I plan on doing a lot more exploring! I’ll fill you in on everything next Friday so stay tuned!!

Sending my positive vibes your way,

💙 Kathy

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