“Stand by the pond… Do you mean that puddle?”

It’s official my trip to the East Coast and the Midwest is coming to a close. This time tomorrow I will be on my way back to Riverside, California. I wanted these 2 weeks to serve as a time to reflect, refuel, and get back to feeling a bit more like myself. Although I don’t feel fully rejuvenated I do feel like I was able clear off the dust accumulating on my life perceptive. After having some very meaningful conversations with close friends and family I was able to take a couple steps back from my own life and really think about how much perspective can alter how we live our lives.

The featured image on this post is a picture from my 40 minute commute and a quote from Wayne Dyer that states, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at changes.” Two individuals could be living the same life, same job, same commute, same workout schedule, same diet, and same amount of time with friends and family. However, based on how individuals see their life one of the individuals could describe their life as ideal, lively, and right where they need it to be. The other person could be depressed, frustrated with where they are in life, and stagnate. So when you are feeling stuck in a rut you have two options (from a great conversation I had with my friend Randi), you can either change your situation or you can look at your situation with a new perceptive. 

Let’s start with self-love. You are the person that will always be around so you better love yourself (Justin Bieber totally had it right). You have to love the current body you are in, you should love your personality, love your quarks, and love yourself enough to push yourself to your next goals. I am going to be the first to admit, I haven’t been a the fan I should be of myself. It’s easy to start getting down on yourself. It could because you aren’t reaching the goals you gave yourself or because you haven’t felt like you have “done anything” lately.  How do you change that perspective? First write down what makes you your BA self! What do you love about your physical self? What do you love about your personality? What do you love about gifts and skills? If you are feeling really low you might not feel like you can even do that. If that is the case pick 3-5 friends or family members and message them asking them what they love about you or what words they would use to describe you. That is one of the best feelings in the world to see either the list you came up with or what your friends and family see and value within you!

Still feeling down on your self? Take care of yourself like you LOVE yourself even if you don’t right now. Nourish you body like you want your body to last. Move your body like you want your body to last. Challenge our brain like you want it to last. And pamper yourself like you are dating yourself. You are worth it!

Kathy and I were able to do a photo shoot with Meagan Gilbert Photography this past Wednesday. During the shoot we were outside and Kathy thought it would be good to have some pictures stretching out. Meagan directed us to go stand by the pond. Both Kathy and I were confused until we understood that she was talking about what we were defining as a puddle.  That is my goal in life. I want to release seeing my 40 commute as the force sucking my life away and instead take the next couple of months to embrace it as a time to listen to my audio book, podcast, or catch up with friends. However know that I have the power to change that routine in my life. I have the power to have a 10 minute commute and I will work on making that happen for the next school year.

You are in charge of your own life. You want to lose 15 pounds? Stop talking about it and start waking-up 30 minutes earlier and get a AM workout in. Drink more water and start replacing potato chips with a red pepper and hummus. You want to PR in your next race? Start making running a non-negotiable for your daily routine. You hate the living space you are in. Change how you are looking at that living place and appropriate what it does have.

It’s all how you look at live.

Be happy. Be healthy. Be you.


Cali A



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  1. Jeni says:

    So amazing and inspiring!


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