I was lucky enough to spend some time at home with the family this week. It was exactly what i needed to get out of the slump I’ve been in. I am so lucky to have parents that love me unconditionally and be there for me whenever I need them. I always feel so relaxed after a few days at my parents house. Its seriously like staying in a nice hotel! Complete with the overly floral bedspread. Also had a loving goodbye message for me when I left this morning

Anyways… I wanted to talk about three wonderful strong ladies that have inspired me this week.

We will start with my oldest friend Meagan. Meagan did a photo shoot for me a few months ago and did another photo shoot for Cali A and I this Wednesday. (I know i have talked about her before on here but your just going to have to hear it again) She is an amazingly talented photographer and has build a very successful business! She inspires me so much to build my own personal training business. Talking to her you can feel the passion she has and the knowledge to run a successful business. Her studio is also the most adorable place I’ve ever seen! The relationship she has with her husband David is also something I admire. Those two complement each other so well! They also just purchased their first home together and I have no doubt it will be full of love and happiness.
Next up is my partner in fitness Cali A! I feel like we go through the same ups and downs, I love that we can be totally open and honest with each other absolutely no judgement. Girl is literally my emotional twin! Her fearlessness moving across the country is amazing! Yes i realize that happened a long time ago……. still inspiring to me! It is so obvious that she is an amazing coach and such a positive influence to the girls she coaches. Her yoga skills are pretty amazing too!!

Finally my absolute favorite yoga teacher! Yogini love! She opened her own studio out of the old veterinary hospital down the road from my parents. She has knocked down walls, put up new walls, painted, and totally re-arranged that nasty old clinic to make it a relaxing yoga studio as well as a hip hop dance, and karate studio for the kiddies. Her bravery to open her own business is something I really aspire to. She also spoke with Cali A and I about turning the studio into a non profit! On top of all this shes a mom! I swear she is wonder woman! Although we are not particularly close I feel like I have a lot to learn from her.
Who inspires you to better yourself? I truly believe that you need to surround yourself with positive people.  Spend your time with People that inspire you to be creative or work harder or be more generous. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from people or things that bring you down.


Mich K

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